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All About Root’d In The 510
Visit Oakland 4444 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609Neighborhood: TemescalPhone: (510) 488-1148Visit Website AboutOpen as of April 2022, Root’d...
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Best of East Bay 2023 – Cannabis
BAR ALTERNATIVE A Place To Commune, Consume And Chill. Photo By Michael Giotis.The Happy PlaceTucky Blunt has Oakland’s first outdoor smoking...
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City Announces First Cannabis Dispensary Permit Recipients Under Equity Program
Groundbreaking Program Aims to Correct Past Disparities, Remove BarriersRickey McCullough 1 of 4 equity lottery winners selected lucky number...
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Inside 12 of the Country’s Most Stylish Cannabis Dispensaries
In Oakland, California, the McBride Company did the cannabis industry proud with its cleverly outfitted, Victorian-inspired Root’d. Split...
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Oakland Embraces Marijuana Sales. Compton Bans Them. How Is Justice Best Served?
Rickey McCullough is looking both for investors and a place to open his cannabis dispensary in Oakland, Calif. A decade ago, he had been arrested...
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Root'd In The 510 Equity Weed Dispensary: Setting the Bar in the Cannabis Industry
The Pioneer Equity Weed Dispensary Continues to Deliver Premium Quality, Unparalleled Customer Service, and Unwavering Commitment to Community in...
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Root'd In The 510: Pioneering Equity in Cannabis Retail Since 2022
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA- Root'd In The 510, located in the heart of Oakland, California, is more than just an Equity Weed Dispensary. Established in...
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Root’d In The 510: Oakland Welcomes Its Premier Cannabis Entertainment Dispensary
Oakland, California ( Sunday Oct 15, 2023 @ 1:35 AM Australia/Perth —The cannabis industry in Oakland takes a sophisticated turn...
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Upon walking into Root’d, you’re immediately greeted with a SoCal-style design that awes the senses.
The Temescal neighborhood of North Oakland used to be designated as ‘Little Italy’ – where Italian immigrants once flocked to work in...
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